Confessions and Night

Preferably leaning back, to view the darkness peacefully There’s a voice which says, ‘Don’t be too comfortable’ Those stars are alluring; I wish to converse before they die Wishing upon them is a chance when eyes are distracted Stretch of soft moonlight is inviting to the tired body Before sleep buoys me toward another dimension A cat mews intriguingly; probably invoking the night Mine are … Continue reading Confessions and Night

For Literature 

Literature is never understood through chance reading or mere glances through the lines. As for a writer, his/her responsibility is to present a conscious and meaningful expression of dialogues from life to enable more minds to participate in the communication of thoughts.  Sensationalism with crass thoughts to titillate the mind for instant gratification does not reflect the true purpose of writing.  When readers mature and … Continue reading For Literature 


Love is altruistic; survives disdain and elements of vicious change Have the heart slept for too long and wandered too far away from feelings Since there is no courage to salvage them from being transformed forever This secrecy that is sought and murmurs to inexplicably dilute the thoughts Colluding with the dark and painting every sensitive layer with such hues Nature’s mirror reflects the ghastly … Continue reading Conflicting

The Follies

Language is rarely uneasy when it propounds follies There is a daring loudness Decibels drown any attempt that arises to reprimand Convulsing tongue unsettles the truth Words stain the clarity of vision probing the lunacy Is it mere impotence of minds? Maybe there are better explanations hidden in a sheath They will willingly stab any resistance Truth looks for an appropriate moment to roar again … Continue reading The Follies

Facing Empathy

What are those emotions that govern the face and eyes? Assimilating the most common gestures and images Some memories emerging from the forgotten destructions Nature fails to recognize the contorted miming faces Thoughts are paired with specific moods That which possesses the mind and grips all reasoning Certain behaviour secretly visits the personality Lured with a euphoric proposition It’s a litmus test for the puerile … Continue reading Facing Empathy

Troublesome and Triumph

It is not the crowd, but those thoughts that connect them They find their way in a sudden deluge of urgency So eager to drown the mind with unnecessary wave  Eyes struggle to stay relevant and locate the nearest shore Floating against the constant push to obscure a vision Maybe the fear of depth has been written erroneously Fear of surrender to the natural wave … Continue reading Troublesome and Triumph

Not only a Dream

Evening strolls in reassuringly to comfort a tough day Waiting for the night for tough thoughts to arise and disappear When the day has been stretched too far There are no limitations to the woes misshaping the dreams Open eyes seem to blur with such rapid movement Only the twilight caress and silent night can soothe heavy eyelids Seeking to gaze through eternity while talking … Continue reading Not only a Dream

In Vain

A grand idea to capture love with hatred and intimidation Weaving a narrative with charlatan ideas; a weapon of self-destruction The hurled denunciations erupt accidentally to wound the perpetrators Same ammunition to defame and denude the truthful feelings Abandoned sanity try to reason with psychotic advances of thoughts Paying to create the cowardly delights and celebrating craziness It’s a futile struggle of despots to earn … Continue reading In Vain