The Secret Sojourn

Interthreading the frequent solitary feel Secrets meant for the blank pages to read One upon the other they rest and conceal Not yet fluent in articulating a heart’s deed Floating in turbid emotions waiting to heal Wishing a safe harbour in land of creed Raised head look at the sky with an appeal Convictions buoyed after despair atrophied Thoughts of that Spirit willing helps one … Continue reading The Secret Sojourn

Adverse Time

Time has hollowed the place Some of the faces come forward Eager to narrate the past Mostly, hearsay Stretching back in time To retrieve graceful stories Breathing life again   In the memories of a region Echoes are feeble Striking against each other From dilapidated walls Antiquated journeys and struggles Prodding the fragmented remains If they were to speak In a bygone language Ears would … Continue reading Adverse Time