Adverse Time

Time has hollowed the place

Some of the faces come forward

Eager to narrate the past

Mostly, hearsay

Stretching back in time

To retrieve graceful stories

Breathing life again  

In the memories of a region

Echoes are feeble

Striking against each other

From dilapidated walls

Antiquated journeys and struggles

Prodding the fragmented remains

If they were to speak

In a bygone language

Ears would have to be patient

The ruins may bleed still

Soul of this place is alive

Winds stir momentarily

Exposing the unheard feelings

Tears that have trickled deep

To survive the hollowness

Interrupted dreams

Sudden collapse of fate

Vibrate with hidden anecdotes

Lifeless they seem

Ashen facades stare vacuously

Weathering of inclement times


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