Of That Is Known

You’d know more of diminutive things Trying to catch up with similar frequencies Thoughts explode like enraged kernels These are ideas strained beyond their limits Agitating flowers with pent-up rage Holding a bowl overflowing with craze  Knowing more but less of what is expected The statements are not quantifiable  Even, the experiments do not show results Distracting the mind with curious questions I’d be happy … Continue reading Of That Is Known

Ethereal Darkness

Artificial lights breathe laboriously before everything plunges into darkness Not often the old lamp has a chance to come out of gradual oblivion While harboring those pulsating moments within to ruminate now Formless, a world of nothingness becomes a more profound reality A silent realization binds the heart in deep consideration for another chance Hoping for the slack strings to start playing a tune of … Continue reading Ethereal Darkness