Dreams Often

Sleep is a conscious situation Where minds lay down to dream Plunging further in reality Worlds gather here Somewhere hibernating Life in images and echoes Between tranquility and disquietude A voyage surprising Uncoiled consciousness Toils to decipher the scenes Paradoxical sleep Wheeling through dreams ~Amitav Continue reading Dreams Often


Amidst widening dreams, there are shrinking landscapes Viewless euphoria to camouflage the prevailing emotions Whispering heart unable to decipher the heartless transformations In the meantime, the wind is crowded with uncontrollable fear Mankind’s folly or a fate unraveled by constant indignation Whispers escape through the gaps and unheard for ages Unceremonious freedom thrust upon an unassuming journey Favoured greed push aside life for the love of … Continue reading Unwishful