Finding Clarity

When words collide with inimical time The eternal heart blooms to cradle emotions A solitary wanderer contemplates the path Is it necessary to rhyme with chaos? A path not defined by any secretive plans An undisclosed way will guide the soul The Sun may seem to be harsh today Light will burn the unnecessary words Fabricated, convoluted, and immoral The simplicity of truthful words return … Continue reading Finding Clarity

Disquieting Dreams

Glass panes are blended with unfair transparency Numerous specks of tyranny shepherd the vision  Infamy burns with desire and fill the choking heart Despairing shadows of history become pronounced  Allowing the shades of abomination to coerce Skill of anarchy unsettles the peaceful provinces Obscene symbolism takes shape to adorn facades Nothing can erase tyrannical dreams in such realms Incisive reflections hurt the ego of despotic … Continue reading Disquieting Dreams


Trading barbed words to acquire peace Precincts carved out from scathing visions Soil blended in acrimony unable to yield tolerance More of strategic warble weaken reason Embittered feelings alter the consciousness Like an omniscient cloak pulling in heads Sheltering them from further communication It’s desirable to be obedient without questions Arched emotions afflicted with painful times Fiends camouflage themselves in obsequiousness For every dialogue becomes juvenile banter … Continue reading Disconcerting