Being There

It’s upsetting for the eyes  Getting acquainted with feeble ideas Blank pages subjected to such plight Feelings caricatured and emulated Climbing in social hierarchy Unscholarly, and rather puerile Chosen by vacuous eyes Adorning the perceived revered spaces Nothing, but colorful graffiti Meagre pride earned Achievements and adulations Brunt cushioned by virtuous pages Exaggerations plenty Even ears refuse the recitations ~Amitav Continue reading Being There

It’s Futile

Temerity of darkness within Unwelcome the morning brightness With disdain staring at sunbeams Mistaking them to cage dreams Roused distrust on life’s course Feeble whispers from fallow fields Stirring passive emotions are futile Kind horizon tales are unheard Every touch of life feels unwanted A long unawakened journey   Difficult to stir true passions Earth’s gloom is pervasive Difficult for fallen dreams Climbing across rough terrains … Continue reading It’s Futile

Ideas of Love

Difficult to accommodate love in shrinking places Its nature so authentically transformed with some ideas Injustice, for love to stand trial and face eccentricities Believing the metaphors not enough True nature eludes human heart Hope, dreams transcend those barriers of definitions Amidst frantic approximations and false perceptibility Heaps of undeserved praises from untruthful tongue ~Amitav Continue reading Ideas of Love