Happiness escaped between the fingers Drifted away in anguish over uncertain emotions Sweet reminders and loving gestures neglected ‘Once upon a time…’ felt reassuring in fairy tales With ultimate disdain and of cradles fury There is that instinct to curse good moments Shameful passion burns incorrigibly That lamentation is weak in dealing with life Brewed unhappiness colour tears with anguish Lifeless course plots the journey … Continue reading Lamentations

Rapid Ascent

Running up the stairs have lessened now Higher and higher dreams have reached Wielding the fingertips to decide Laconic wait within the moving cabin Feels, it has been rehearsed repeatedly Get the feel of redacted rhetoric Whoever can enter the furbished chamber Depends on new found confidence Carefully cultivated language Too early to deny the astounded eyes Dreams that have been polished To reflect the … Continue reading Rapid Ascent