Answer in Echoes

Delicate light taper off after an eventful day When Earth came to life from celestial conception Life unraveled the purpose of first light Dreams awaken from deep stillness Surge of consciousness creates a new course Kernels of life pulsate with cosmic energy It’s delight in freedom to seek purpose  Furrows of darkness remain fallow Youthful times and passage eternal  That flame will always enlighten  Silence … Continue reading Answer in Echoes

To Find a Way

It’s not difficult finding my way between those words Darkness is an ill-defined term to create a psychosis There is enough madness that is beyond any definition Clarity serves the purpose to defeat any inimical force Lovingly entwined the feelings experience freedom Too many wandering and tirelessly seeking purpose Stretch of eternity between the golden and silver orb I choose to speak with life and … Continue reading To Find a Way