Seeking deathless moments in transient feelings Cosmic nature contradicts the rueful utterances Auspices of eternity isn’t gathered with mortal hands Prescience descends to settle on noble minds  Whose eyes are not distracted to introspect on frivolity Purity and compassion shines from every facet of soul Reuniting life with timelessness of cosmic love ~Amitav Continue reading Reuniting


Tremulous present seeks comfort in the past Even, wishes to conceive a favourable future Sudden whirl in the moment has wings in disarray Incessant blinking unable to erase the intense light Furtive looks aren’t convincing to the heart When the green landscape is just nervous bareness Gaze one may through the prism of hope The mystery of an unknown twist and misshapen time Is convincing, and … Continue reading Thereafter

The Whispers

If it were not for the intimate whispers Those feelings would not have made any impressions Intricate embrace of the vibrant heart Ears sentimentally lean towards the appealing voice It goes beyond the transient feelings Carefully bridging the abyss created by misinterpretations Time surrenders to eternity Souls pulled away from the brink of frivolous chastisement Whisper encompasses life as a talisman Echoing the most passionate … Continue reading The Whispers