Fine Morning

It’s not enough to hold that cup 

Thoughts that have gone in brewing

Lip is fine with burning itself

As long as the aroma is intoxicating

Waking up from slumber

Holding that fine china

Hope reflects from the gilded edges

Just like rays of dawn in horizon

It’s a ritual divine

Patience and eagerness both

Waiting for that whiff of happiness

Gazing at the radiance

Sparkling eyes soft conversations

Finally, that soft jingle

Resting cup and enlivened moment

Infused with joyful feelings

Paradise is alive

For those who believe and pray


6 thoughts on “Fine Morning

      1. That’s awesome, Sharon. Great, being outdoors is amazing; Adventure, as well as in conversation with nature is absolutely satisfying. 🙂 Have an enjoyable time and take care.

        I am doing well. Thank you. 🙂 Adventures I seek here, in the meaningless wanderings through my verses. 😀

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