This or That

If you do ‘this’, people say why didn’t you do ‘that’ If you say ‘this’, people say why didn’t you say ‘that’ It is the ambivalence between ‘this’ and ‘that’ which keeps the conversation going, albeit, with the idea of procrastinating and stretching the ‘status quo’ to survive the necessary will to change for good. Social media has become a battleground for those lethargic intellectuals … Continue reading This or That


Tucked away in the forgotten folds of antiquity Still holds true, the time, which surrendered unwillingly Memory wishes to get closer but fears the indifferent silence Sometimes, silence can feel hostile to the talkative mind Losing oneself in the tide of seasons wrinkles the skin Before nothingness calls, the inferences imprison  Hoping for clarity amidst evaporating essence of life Wishing for transient dreams do not become … Continue reading Searching