This or That

If you do ‘this’, people say why didn’t you do ‘that’
If you say ‘this’, people say why didn’t you say ‘that’

It is the ambivalence between ‘this’ and ‘that’ which keeps the conversation going, albeit, with the idea of procrastinating and stretching the ‘status quo’ to survive the necessary will to change for good. Social media has become a battleground for those lethargic intellectuals carrying loads of information to fire salvos with the help of keyboard. In fact, more (in) action is enthusiastically taken up by groups of ignoramus minds.

Spinning the narrative and shape-shifting of these characters are nothing but a distractionary measure while serious social issues suffer.

We complain, and yet, maintain silence, or on the other extreme resort to violent outbursts after realising that a situation has become a behemoth (too dangerous and difficult for us to control) given the fact, that no one can come up with an effective solution to douse the conflagration.

In this commotion, the intellectuals are derided for their logical solutions to a crisis when so many ugly heads awaken with vitriolic comments and protests only to reject common sense and well thought of ideas to counter such circumstances. Today, a lie travels faster and becomes believable with the help of sophisticated manipulations to alter digital content with mala fide intentions and misappropriation.

Coming back to the outbursts, we tend to sit on these lies for too long, and allow them to afflict the trust ecosystem which could have countered the malicious campaign to disturb the flow of life. Also, between the ‘this’ and ‘that’ we criticise and demean the sane voices that are trying to convey the truth.

Again, only the distinct impression of lies have the eyes so mesmerised, they fail to identify the false perceptions, as there is a tendency to rely on freshly available information (machination of devious minds), while completely erasing the memory which could have been beneficial in thwarting the efforts to embezzle people with propaganda and malevolent effort in creating an environment of suspicion and unrest.

Of all that we know and claim to know are lost in the excessive zeal to conform to vacuous ideas that gain enough momentum to derail constructive dialogues. It is upon us to choose the path ahead, away from false promises and misleading narratives. Let’s stay away from politicising the philosophy of life.

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