Don’t allow dreams to be led through coercive corridors; you may see many doors along the way, but they can push you and your dream to the confines of four walls. Those doors are not of opportunity, but they close behind you firmly to institutionalise the mind with thoughts that are not yours to accept. Compartmentalised and conditioned, the mind thinks while being stimulated with certain incendiary languages that do not speak of inclusiveness. There are enough sedentary minds that adopt wrongful dogmas and percolate the same to influence impressionable minds. The exercise seems harmless, but it surely does have destructive effect of weakening the social fabric with acerbic languages. It is difficult to excuse oneself from this ecosystem and cannot deny the shared relationship as human beings. Being isolated with those contradictions will eventually destroy the false sense of authority, and the nurtured monsters demolish the master’s lair. 

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