A Detour

Frustrated tongue and bitter lips Rebuke the language to speak fury Nasty propaganda picked by ears Weighing heavy on the soul How does life breathe easy? Every example is deeply flawed Unaware of the intimacy It’s a struggle to embrace truth Refrain from mimicking politeness The loose mask exposes  Nasty details writ on the heart Licentious relationship with reality Tongue embraces obsequiousness ~Amitav Continue reading A Detour


If it is not the exaggeration is believed easily Then why simplicity is scorned and ridiculed Discourse cannot rise above churlishness That which transpires within is amplified Theatrical apologies are mere distractions Images portrayed on the screen are decoys Behind the scenes are unscripted and real Enough lights to influence the nuances Fans of tainted legends are rambunctious It isn’t an adorable display of ignorance … Continue reading Theatrical