Afraid of being naked, the lies wrap themselves with lies Act demure to convince the world that passes by after a glance Every act of interest is intriguing to the passersby Unaware, the sweet scent of deceit has unseen fangs It’s ferocity revealed when stealthily finds its way within Even the calmest eyes burn with destructive jealousy The heart is in a stupor, rarely does … Continue reading Causes


Excessive restlessness and unwarranted movement Incoherent analysis of the scattered memoirs There’s no eye that can still awaken to affirm the truth Synthetic hype narrated to layer consciousness Such exactitude and erudite conformity Movements may not have divulged too much Artificial fortune and future of irrational chemistry Rarely, a comfortable relationship Dawn to dusk is not the time to indulge in confabulations The cosmic atmosphere … Continue reading Advance