Let the poet stroll along with mysteriousness

Only some gentle light and allow the eyes to read

Enamored with the unspoken narratives

There may be doubts about their existence

Nonetheless, the wandering isn’t going to stop

From the azure and green will one day be revealed

Mysteries cradled for long by forgotten spaces

Dreamers are they who wish to choose solitariness

In difficult times when busy voices intrude

That sacred space inside still yearns to know

Of that is called life and the intentions of existence

Every step forward towards realm of nothingness

A journey necessary to unravel profound mystery


6 thoughts on “Mysterious

      1. Please answer sooner of my questions-
        1your age?
        2 for how long are you blogging?
        3 How did u reach such a staggering number of followers?
        4 do u blog professionall
        5 how much time do I spend on producing your content and maintaining your blog?
        Thank you!


      2. Whatever I had to say about myself is in my About page. And I have number of blogs about blogging too; do read them, they are about my experiences along this blogging journey.

        Thank you.


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