With the Darkness

Some darkness is persistently annoying Contradicting the starry night of song and laughter Pleasant conversations drown the cricket’s song Anxious flame of the candle paints a scene Different moods emerge from lengthening darkness How deep the heart wants to inquire about it? Nestled in the quietness of serious introspection The busy city may not be aware of such leisure Guarding the hard-earned break against prying … Continue reading With the Darkness

Awkward Time

Time needles the mind with unwarranted thoughts Am I not suppose to enjoy time? These contradictions that crawl into the schemes Leave a trail of haphazard thoughts with clumsy feet Sometimes waiting stealthily to pose a threat An uncomfortable existence with that uncanny feeling Time is often discussed but rarely translated simply That feeling of  slaying time can be euphoric It’s the truth that an illusion … Continue reading Awkward Time