The Follies

Language is rarely uneasy when it propounds follies There is a daring loudness Decibels drown any attempt that arises to reprimand Convulsing tongue unsettles the truth Words stain the clarity of vision probing the lunacy Is it mere impotence of minds? Maybe there are better explanations hidden in a sheath They will willingly stab any resistance Truth looks for an appropriate moment to roar again … Continue reading The Follies

Facing Empathy

What are those emotions that govern the face and eyes? Assimilating the most common gestures and images Some memories emerging from the forgotten destructions Nature fails to recognize the contorted miming faces Thoughts are paired with specific moods That which possesses the mind and grips all reasoning Certain behaviour secretly visits the personality Lured with a euphoric proposition It’s a litmus test for the puerile … Continue reading Facing Empathy