With the Darkness

Some darkness is persistently annoying Contradicting the starry night of song and laughter Pleasant conversations drown the cricket’s song Anxious flame of the candle paints a scene Different moods emerge from lengthening darkness How deep the heart wants to inquire about it? Nestled in the quietness of serious introspection The busy city may not be aware of such leisure Guarding the hard-earned break against prying … Continue reading With the Darkness

Awkward Time

Time needles the mind with unwarranted thoughts Am I not suppose to enjoy time? These contradictions that crawl into the schemes Leave a trail of haphazard thoughts with clumsy feet Sometimes waiting stealthily to pose a threat An uncomfortable existence with that uncanny feeling Time is often discussed but rarely translated simply That feeling of  slaying time can be euphoric It’s the truth that an illusion … Continue reading Awkward Time


Wounded leaves and lamenting forests Woeful, the sap flows through a course of distress Who has carried this unjustified destruction? Man running away from shadow is a phantasm Whether it is day or night, mind runs with demonic spirit Dreaming of solace and unhindered passage? There is no path to return across bridge of crushed souls Reminder for the hastening one Seductive apparitions conspire to … Continue reading Vengeance

Curious Reverie

Concealed in imagery, yet, there is so much to discover It’s a reader’s delight and also long deliberations Words sit here to narrate the secret communications It is a strange reverie while verses shape thoughts Freely running feelings across the cosmic meadows It’s magical to see the magnanimity through poetry Different perspectives and rare glimpses of another dimension It takes will to disappear and allow … Continue reading Curious Reverie

Poetic Request

Nebulous thoughts amidst the radiant blue sky Contradicts the essence and becloud the view Hoping, the blue doesn’t sour in such circumstances Eyes seek to go beyond the nuances Write a synopsis to highlight the legitimate dilemma Evoking the Sun Spirit to persuade pure light Wishing for the eloquence of the winds to return Along with crystal clear brilliance of life Let time elapse and … Continue reading Poetic Request


Let the poet stroll along with mysteriousness Only some gentle light and allow the eyes to read Enamored with the unspoken narratives There may be doubts about their existence Nonetheless, the wandering isn’t going to stop From the azure and green will one day be revealed Mysteries cradled for long by forgotten spaces Dreamers are they who wish to choose solitariness In difficult times when … Continue reading Mysterious


Excessive restlessness and unwarranted movement Incoherent analysis of the scattered memoirs There’s no eye that can still awaken to affirm the truth Synthetic hype narrated to layer consciousness Such exactitude and erudite conformity Movements may not have divulged too much Artificial fortune and future of irrational chemistry Rarely, a comfortable relationship Dawn to dusk is not the time to indulge in confabulations The cosmic atmosphere … Continue reading Advance