Maybe they are brittle, the knots still intermittently restrain the pace Now that they are feeble and loosen their stranglehold, bold voices speak Of their complicated designs to limit the flow of legitimate criticism For every possible distraction with their craftiness create disruptions These thought to be strong bonds are blatant flaws devised by tyrants Unfortunate censorship of thoughts abbreviate the truth of feelings Unnecessary … Continue reading Knots

Unusual Slumber

Curled up, the inexplicable curvature for the world to fathom Maybe praying in solitude and trying to embrace the indecipherable silence No scruples turning away from the moments that wish to hasten Libellers cry hoarse, ‘the insignificant lethargic one sits there idle’ Is it amoral to remain silent amidst the accusations? Or, allow the silence around to absorb the cacophony into oblivion Laziness is ridiculed, … Continue reading Unusual Slumber


The palpable tremulousness in panegyric passages Without imminent dissidence, there’s restrained deconstruction Descending to a place of reckoning A new language takes time to be friendly with a voice That slumberous tone is deceptively conscious Camoflagued from prying eyes intensely insensitive Inauspicious spirit of words amuse the fiendish souls Stirrings are kindled with veiled directions presage a change ~Amitav Continue reading Expressions


The synchronicity of these thoughts rises above the disharmonious and acrimonious environment. Somewhere there is a plan to bring them together and exchange conscious observations through an ecosystem impenetrable by any disruptive forces. Now, the truth will be purified to test their resilience and potency. For multitude of lies, there is one drop of truth to obliterate the negative energies. It isn’t an easy task … Continue reading Synergy

That’s Simple

There’s this simplistic simple and intricate simplicity Both unfold at the threshold of consciousness they reach Is it all about machination of time? Eyes evolve to adjust to the light that is able to penetrate life Mind can be persuaded to perceive change after meditative consideration Cunning light plays with the first attempt to assay the overenthusiastic emotions Overjoyed with puerile conclusions, the simple designs … Continue reading That’s Simple

Time of Communication

The time of this conversation never happened to find a comfortable space. When time has to feign friendliness with hostile and fake time, compulsive misdemeanours are common occurrences. Conversations are avoided and discriminated according to suitability. Unsettling talks probing falsehoods ignite belligerent behaviour, enough to harm fragile relationships. Prevailing sentiments are that of humbugs are truthful, and can be trusted their worth in every word … Continue reading Time of Communication

Contrasting Stories

The contradictions stood there for a while; huddled around the mind, looking doubtfully at the confused mind. Chances are that most of them are stubborn enough to complicate life with their wily designs. Life stretched across different tributaries of thoughts branch out frantically. It creates a pattern of confusion to erase the unflinching characters- the contradictions. The tributaries flowing in reverse allow the inimical characters … Continue reading Contrasting Stories