Eerie Truth

Palpable nonchalance while identifying the mind behind an ideology There is a lazy impulse to pick up the easily available justifications Even if it is rejected, the mind that created this dogma hold on to excuses Just extolling the beliefs without any consideration of accepting the fault Such indistinct ideas gather momentum and credence among multitude The stink of brazen behaviour becomes unbearable for the … Continue reading Eerie Truth


When the thoughts are being dragged out heartlessly None of the heart’s protest mattered to the onlookers Inadvertently showing allegiance to wrongful might Is it passive anger or the inability to feel someone’s plight? Envious reflections are incisive and curtail any reasoning Such obdurate silence invoke the spirit of utter destruction So often seduced by the dangerous ideas, it’s a mystery Beliefs require little persuasion … Continue reading Heartless