The Obscure Darkness

Some opulence is domineering and unjustly seeks contribution from voiceless chaps. It’s a perfidious plan, but how many eyes can really afford to brazenly read those eyes. The innocence of humanity has been exploited to be the serf, to carry the narrative on their shoulders. These desires have been blessed by the unseen forces of venomous darkness. Accumulated fortunes rarely enjoyed or celebrated with a … Continue reading The Obscure Darkness

As Thoughts Behave

The deluge of thoughts can be overwhelming when the fortress of the mind crumbles due to discomfitting feelings. Vulnerability draws a pattern of fissures that expand and reluctantly grow apart. Selfish self-love or just a pretense to keep away the minds from prying too much. They have this habit of peeking unnecessarily; a habit that defies logic, especially among adults. What’s the pleasure of knowing … Continue reading As Thoughts Behave