The Obscure Darkness

Some opulence is domineering and unjustly seeks contribution from voiceless chaps. It’s a perfidious plan, but how many eyes can really afford to brazenly read those eyes. The innocence of humanity has been exploited to be the serf, to carry the narrative on their shoulders. These desires have been blessed by the unseen forces of venomous darkness. Accumulated fortunes rarely enjoyed or celebrated with a bloodbath. When such fortunes become miserable, painful, and treacherous, a perverse command that elevated them to a place of grandeur, seeks the destruction of those keepers with a vengeance. The dug up earth has evidence of savage past; time and again, the reminders weren’t enough to quell vicious ambitions. When life cannot be elevated anymore, it tends to sink deeper into the abyss created by sinful desires. Strangulated by darkness, the voices cannot even command the inimical forces. When eyes have seen violence and periodic destructions and walked on a bloody path, this seems to be retribution. Embellished with opulence, the indefatigable ambitions now lay tired and defeated. A decline is carved with the sharpest fate and forces the traitorous ones to experience ultimate punishment.


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