It’s a Wait

It’s not that anyone dreams of a lacklustre morning

Sometimes, dreams do not descend on earth so eagerly

They wait for time to be congenial and frequency of friendliness

Some mornings disappoint with the greyish tones

It’s not exactly melancholic for the heart to despair over it until noon

There’s no promise of Sun to appear even then, it’s the mood

Days do not lease much time for laziness either

The foibles of humanness cannot comprehend the universe

Unintentionally, it becomes ‘this world’ and ‘that world’

Such simplistic demarcations and vague duality is a gamble

Still, one does not learn to wrap darkness as neatly desired

Crumpled emotions and cynical moments helps focus

The value of light and dreams enhanced with truthful hope

Don’t blame the morning but protect the flames within


6 thoughts on “It’s a Wait

  1. Your words describe my yesterday morning perfectly and as I read, I found myself smiling, the sun did come out at noon, giving us yet another gift of light as darker days become a natural reality here in this part of the world. Thank you, Amitav!

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    1. Poetry narrates from the universe. Those unheard voices resonate profoundly. This is the beauty of poetry. That the Sun chose to wait patiently and shine upon the beautiful soul is a cosmic gift.
      I treasure your comments, Kim. Thank you so much, and keep smiling.

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