In the Meantime

While we become complacent in comparisons, there are more definitions sought to fulfill the vacant spaces that stare with penurious eyes. Such definitions hungrily absorb the original identity. Tackling and juggling the tumultuous sentiments are like a precarious ride from a falsely elevated position. Arrogance is a weak facade to defend against a barrage of sullied reasoning. The temerity of inflated ego is a spectacle … Continue reading In the Meantime

Denial and Lies

The ultrafine lies embedded mysteriously in the tributaries of thoughts Sometimes the heavy ones settle down to create a coarse bed of worries Sulfur vapours unable to drive away the mutant souls of despicable lies Body yearns for the raw salts of this earth  to preserve sanctity of life Unknowingly, the course of energy deviated towards the arduous darkness Persistent shadow of this universe has … Continue reading Denial and Lies