Denial and Lies

The ultrafine lies embedded mysteriously in the tributaries of thoughts

Sometimes the heavy ones settle down to create a coarse bed of worries

Sulfur vapours unable to drive away the mutant souls of despicable lies

Body yearns for the raw salts of this earth  to preserve sanctity of life

Unknowingly, the course of energy deviated towards the arduous darkness

Persistent shadow of this universe has always questioned the untruthful ways

Somewhere the belief of escape still drives the souls to a contrary world

Significance of lies have been entrenched comfortably to define thoughts

Denial over denial shapes insolence that embraces the unrepentant mind


6 thoughts on “Denial and Lies

  1. Beautifully said Amitav, how long the ultrafine stuff will invade the psyche , subconscious & karma with the background music of ignorance! Cosmetism & denial may go on unabated but then the evolved bliss , realization & truth will also be as elusive as ever ! Loved it . Love.


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