In the Meantime

While we become complacent in comparisons, there are more definitions sought to fulfill the vacant spaces that stare with penurious eyes. Such definitions hungrily absorb the original identity. Tackling and juggling the tumultuous sentiments are like a precarious ride from a falsely elevated position. Arrogance is a weak facade to defend against a barrage of sullied reasoning. The temerity of inflated ego is a spectacle for the dunces who gather to witness a dangerous circus. It is difficult to preserve the original ecosystem of nerves and while being infused with toxicity every day. The busyness is actually slowing down the foundational development of life and preventing humanity to achieve the immense reality that the souls deserve. Time is an excuse and conformity is another pessimistic reality which devours common sense. Days become a struggle with competitions and comparisons, where the strength of individuality is weakening. Everyone who has a comfortable mask to deal with insecurities does not allow the true voices to resonate anymore. Life cannot be a trade-off, as it erodes the profound essence. 


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