The Choice

I chose not to listen to the distant call

A voice closer to the heart has been eagerly waiting to be heard

Patiently hiding in the corner where outside world has not been able to breach

Rather dark there, but hope has that fair light to keep it warm

It prefers to be nameless and away from the influence of cliches

Haven’t realised till this moment, the ears have been harassed by cacophony

Tormented the sanctity of the heart

Now, enough of impure talk; tarnished and battered out of their fair articulation

Voices from the distant and distressed territory ravage peace

This heart has been brave enough to refuse the scorns

Time poses a challenge to the unsettled life- either this or that

A rusty mind has to make a choice after a long dilemma

‘Tis the moment of reality- to choose this self over imposed narrations

The choice I narrated ne’er came easy for this heart


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