Hope and Despair

Literature grace the pedestals of rejections Words recited in an accelerated pace, to still have some time To dissect the feelings and leave them there, exposed Lifeless words as feelings sublimate Then there’s no chance that a glance will show empathy In an effort to resuscitate the lines with hope Lucky, if placed over the heaps of pages Or  else, will be shredded and swept … Continue reading Hope and Despair

The Narrative

I could be the insignificant narrator Settled somewhere with unsettled thoughts- a constant tussle but not really a hassle But the dimensions open up like a splendid Lotus  Only to be visible and relevant for few hours, before another reality presents itself So much to consider before soaking the words in mellifluous reality Witness the charismatic transformation with each passing moment Communicating with eternity’s spectacle … Continue reading The Narrative