It’s Sleep

Sleep was a charlatan Asking me to recline Obfuscating the light Head leaning away From the dreams Distant clock chimed An alien tune of time Pushing life away Toward an unreality Dreams flowing away Cascading furiously The impaled heart Unable to feel the rush Resting on clock hands It was anticlimactic Dreams rushed in From unknown lands Sleep seized the day Hapless dreams Spoke in … Continue reading It’s Sleep

The Feelings

These are no colloquial feelings Surrendered to the undeniable flow of life They will float or sink Or, reach some shore that resembles a shriveled grain Rest there till sun shines brighter than reality Even the shadows slant little lesser For every fragment of thought is connected They may appear to be cryptic to those uninterested Living in a parallel world of unreal feelings Vanquished, … Continue reading The Feelings


Night is not an escape, but an indulgence If there was no darkness to listen to endless meandering of feelings Words would have been dispassionate about narrating life If not for that invisible shoulder to rest this confabulating head Dizziness would have obfuscated the starry canvas There’s no compulsion to keep track of time but ease comfortably in its embrace Night may be inarticulate for … Continue reading Night