Some Communications

We are communicating (so we would like to believe) as there is an increasing pressure to speak and react to situations, which otherwise, we would not have participated in, if not for the connected world of virtual reality.

There is apprehension that our own perceptions and private thoughts are overridden by a concerted effort of digital media narratives. The plethora of views invading our thinking space is proving this ‘critical thinking’ to be a delirious misnomer. We erroneously think that the perceptions we engage with on a daily basis are our own; it may not be true after all.

Diluted perceptions are a reality, as we hurriedly engage in sundry conversations from the deceptively safe anonymity that social media platforms claim to provide.

Every day, without our realization, thoughts are entering our life and sacred mind to influence, or rather, coerce us into conversations that not only disrupt our life but also transform it into a monotonous exercise.

In fact, in recent times, there are many instances where social media narratives have altered the nature of decisions, which has had repercussions of various nature. In hindsight, we regret the decisions, as we as a member of a society have contributed to the unfavourable circumstances.

This is just the beginning; as we become comfortable with virtual communications with people whom we barely know, or know them only through the information they wish to offer (there is no way we can learn about the real person), as it is not possible in this ever-expanding network.

Social media bots violate the privacy of our real conversation with others. It is quite possible we are picking up the kind of information that the virtual world wants us to know and thus negate or obliterate our ability to think and express our intrinsic views.

Our conversations are of reactionist nature and responses not necessarily from adequate thinking. There are many knowledgeable people on social media disseminating nonsensical views. The entire social media space is becoming a disputed territory, where angry people are hurling abuses at anyone who holds contrarian views.

Knowledge cannot determine the maturity or behaviour of an individual; there are so many aspects of behaviour that shapes the character. Passive aggressive behaviour is common and the failure to communicate in real-world transforms into violent outbursts.

The story of narcissistic behaviour is revealed as they become audacious behind the keyboard. They wish to assert themselves or even form a group consisting of such similar characters to unleash such abominable narratives attempting to question their values and silence their views with constant vilification. Let us not forget that it could backfire and assault the perpetrators too.

Do not try to appropriate such aberrations and colour reality with ideas emanating from unsettled situations, as they can be given a logical direction with mature thoughts and compassionate conversations. The essence of society and vibrant existence depend on honest narratives which are inclusive in nature.

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