Overwhelming Echoes

Ever heard the curdling echoes of captive thoughts Denuded and feeble, their existence is a burden on mind The vociferous emperor dictates their survival Vandalised place and ruins remind the anarchy that will continue From here to a place of sustainable lies, the scandalous journey Thoughts are vassals of those voices redrawing their path Grotesque behaviour of thoughts masked with diktats Sullied abode cannot shelter … Continue reading Overwhelming Echoes

That Voice

The voice within speaks louder with newfound confidence It doesn’t trouble solitude but talks with sincerity and clarity When jealousy of the world did not allow truthful conversations Nature guided the voices to a sacred place to echo the concerns There’s no use sacrificing feelings on the edge of puissance The intoxicating discord with universe does not make extraordinary men Ungrateful to nature’s abundance speak … Continue reading That Voice