That Voice

The voice within speaks louder with newfound confidence

It doesn’t trouble solitude but talks with sincerity and clarity

When jealousy of the world did not allow truthful conversations

Nature guided the voices to a sacred place to echo the concerns

There’s no use sacrificing feelings on the edge of puissance

The intoxicating discord with universe does not make extraordinary men

Ungrateful to nature’s abundance speak of ulterior desires

Voices of vice do not quiver while propagating hatred

Such powerless faces wear demonic masks to voice a terroristic language

All bow down condescendingly to pernicious powers

Condemning the soul of goodness pushes life towards a demonic cavern

Returning to listen to the voice within is a revelation

It isn’t embarrassing to walk the truthful path without unnecessary distractions

World of slander is unfortunate and withers before time


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