In Reflection

Clarity of mirror eclipses the reality that is deeply entrenched Suddenly, the world seems to be muddled with those reflections Closed eyelids save the vision from any further nebulous dreams This instance where particles of existence forms an odd design Caught between the extremely fine spaces of universe’s latency There isn’t an iota of reality that adheres to an illusionary time Moment seems an eternity … Continue reading In Reflection

Choices are Difficult

If it is jealousy toward wisdom, think again, to recalibrate the perception Unwind the tightly wound thoughts stifling the sincere breathing of a mind It is as much consciousness one is destined to experience who can be free From prejudices and visions through distorted prisms, the askew world One who knows willfully initiates a pristine flow of universe’s truth Surrender, if the inhibitions and fear … Continue reading Choices are Difficult