Contrasting Stories

The contradictions stood there for a while; huddled around the mind, looking doubtfully at the confused mind. Chances are that most of them are stubborn enough to complicate life with their wily designs. Life stretched across different tributaries of thoughts branch out frantically. It creates a pattern of confusion to erase the unflinching characters- the contradictions. The tributaries flowing in reverse allow the inimical characters to breach those thoughts. It’s an abundance that is abhorred.
Simple thoughts start off the journey with a backpack to sustain the journey. Along the way many other storytellers’ thoughts recline for a while, only to stay longer. Unsuspectingly, they mature and start conspiring to influence existing thoughts. It’s a pattern of ultimate wizardry; the potions are complicatedly intoxicating. The bones bear enough caricatures along the twisted journey. An unassuming traveler wishes to grow up and face contradictions to stare them down.

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