Time of Communication

The time of this conversation never happened to find a comfortable space. When time has to feign friendliness with hostile and fake time, compulsive misdemeanours are common occurrences. Conversations are avoided and discriminated according to suitability. Unsettling talks probing falsehoods ignite belligerent behaviour, enough to harm fragile relationships. Prevailing sentiments are that of humbugs are truthful, and can be trusted their worth in every word they speak. Indeed, the clever pattern of conversation is deceptively arrogant and vile. They defined and driven by carefully crafted narrations to influence the subliminal thoughts. A self-defeating attitude, when the original conversation is reviled while adjusting to a new-normal of fabrications. There’s dejection, if the motto of finding a common thread of such communication is used to bind them to a dreadful world of deception.
Communication has mostly been a war of decibels. Let’s accept some responsibility and bring some sensibility and credibility in communication. For posterity’s sake, if we want our narratives to be considered seriously and remembered with pride.

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