The palpable tremulousness in panegyric passages Without imminent dissidence, there’s restrained deconstruction Descending to a place of reckoning A new language takes time to be friendly with a voice That slumberous tone is deceptively conscious Camoflagued from prying eyes intensely insensitive Inauspicious spirit of words amuse the fiendish souls Stirrings are kindled with veiled directions presage a change ~Amitav Continue reading Expressions


The synchronicity of these thoughts rises above the disharmonious and acrimonious environment. Somewhere there is a plan to bring them together and exchange conscious observations through an ecosystem impenetrable by any disruptive forces. Now, the truth will be purified to test their resilience and potency. For multitude of lies, there is one drop of truth to obliterate the negative energies. It isn’t an easy task … Continue reading Synergy