Dust kisses your feet and determines your will to journey  There isn’t a path in sight but urges you to move ahead with belief That soft massage on the soles somehow rejuvenates the feet Meanwhile, the eyes have wandered and surveyed the surroundings A heart prays in silence to seek permission from the soul Wind unsettles the dust and magically creates a trail through time … Continue reading Journey

The Sky

The sky looks distant and azure feels cold  If it is not for those thoughts pushing away the horizon Since when the breath has become laboured Unaware of its beauty, these eyes searched for darkness beyond Completely ignoring the space where dreams feel light Deprived of the splendid air and soft clouds of comfort None to absorb the brimming melancholy Laying motionless, the dreams sigh … Continue reading The Sky

The Thoughts at Play

Thoughts bend according to the landscape Eyes travel at leisure, but curiosity awakens the images It’s like wind tickling the imaginations of nature Playing hide-n-seek and discovering the rare truths Fortunate to play in this manner, for nature is gracious It will stretch itself and allow the journeyers to continue Till this day blends into another day like an embrace Only the juices of nature … Continue reading The Thoughts at Play


There is nothing majestic about the screams to impersonate fundamental flaws Festoons try to adorn that facade of grey, swinging with discordant rhythm Coronation of an unkindly manner manifest the unenlightened decisions of consciousness Extravagance become repulsive and barely go beyond entertainment for the eyes Flashes of ignorance cannot illuminate the underlying layers of darkness trampled under dancing feet Flee from the celebrations, for you are … Continue reading Passersby


If it is you, or maybe you, in someone else’s perception of you trying to be yourself without much appreciation from the inner self. I will address that you, the reflection which I seek beyond those unnecessary layers trying to hide the reality of you. That you may have been ostracised for no fault; the only fault may have accumulated on you, as a burden. … Continue reading You

A Search

The elegant air has flown into some mystical world; a thoughtful detour from the indolent valleys Here, ideas have gathered to stifle the essence of natural aroma and life’s graceful energy Slight stirrings are uninspiring to the souls that wish to dream Monotony stretches beyond imaginations to cloak the vibrant colours with insipid emotions Turbulent mirrors reflect the unsettling imagery which the eyes find it … Continue reading A Search