The Chimeras

Mischief of days continuously intensify the woes of inconsolable darkness Every little dream is forgotten in pithy conversations of insincere affinity Character cannot be taken off like clothes that don’t fancy the time anymore Shades of cosmic consciousness identifies the reality through disguise Life cannot be conquered at will with the diktats of a spurious heart Darkness won’t pamper the frivolous one who breaks away … Continue reading The Chimeras

Night Transfigured

Dream of the darkness, gentle but deceptively conspiring with the stars Playful banter or serious reflection on the transient cosmic manifestation Astonished eyes seek to understand the dreams that are wide awake now Distant flames reproduce from magical transformation and eternal mantra Languorous moment it seems to the busy world, but the heart is in ecstasy Rumored laziness is a facade, before universe’s fantasy vision … Continue reading Night Transfigured