Perceived to be pathless, the journey never began Momentary panic held back the heart that wished to be in that distant shade A particular day of melancholy and fractured prism displayed distortions Dormant fear woke up to warn the feet of fabricated peril Still there, the solitary heart gave up hope of bridging the chasm The humble abode lost significance under the cover of intense … Continue reading Pathless

An Opening

The window veiled in dextrously woven views of a busy world Looks inert, the eyes search frantically for some movement beyond busyness City life’s inability to offer fresh blooming flowers; nature comes at a price This space viewed from the opposite dimension of tired city eyes look dreary Sunlight here diluted and diverted through numerous cunning passages The winged visitors are an omen of freedom, … Continue reading An Opening

Discerning Moments

The day always holds that extra edge compared to night. In fact, the edges seem to be menacing (a visual distortion), but always appear dull from constant friction. Well, in comparison, the day of yesterday is paler, and the argument becomes vociferous on lost opportunities. Relegated to insignificance or retired in some corner of the mind amidst constant struggle. Everything is compared- from the scenes … Continue reading Discerning Moments