Sudden Euphoria

Most sophisticated inclinations toward the luxurious images craving for praise There are no subtle colours, but hues of disconcerting emotions entwined awkwardly Eyes are rarely cognizant of the hideous intentions to lure away the heart from simplicity The uneasy depictions from prurient feelings create a road of ultra brazenness Celebrations in a vacuum are a deleterious attempt to stay significant in macabre reality Such anarchism disrupt … Continue reading Sudden Euphoria

Conflict of Perceptions

Whether one follows the esoteric existence of night or the constrained clarity of day, one cannot deny the dilemma of both. The clashes of realities are a reality too. From this, emerges the onus of choosing one over the other. It can be favoritism or compulsion, to at least make a choice. They try to highlight each other’s perspective through their nature of thoughts. Can … Continue reading Conflict of Perceptions