Conflict of Perceptions

Whether one follows the esoteric existence of night or the constrained clarity of day, one cannot deny the dilemma of both. The clashes of realities are a reality too. From this, emerges the onus of choosing one over the other. It can be favoritism or compulsion, to at least make a choice. They try to highlight each other’s perspective through their nature of thoughts. Can night be brave enough to face the perception challenge? It may be a phase of slumber and wakefulness, depending on the heart’s intent. Mind does behave like a delirious jester.

Entire life is a struggle to identify reality. The definitions are vague and abundant explanations make it insanely interesting. The world still calls this vanity! The narcissistic edge is quite exhilarating and every step a frolicking misstep (an erroneous perception). If one does not choose, someone takes the opportunity to set the pace of life. Violation of freedom!

So, let’s not be stingy with choices. There are enough reasons to not discriminate and experience both day and night with equanimity. It is not transcendental philosophy or the lure of attaining nirvana, but choosing to experience freedom. Not all realities are equal and some may not deserve their existence even. To rectify reality, one has to prepare an authentic potion. The pathological realities are a concern. Reality is an experience and shared responsibility emanating from a day without discrimination. Dreams are omnipresent and omniscient. It’s reality!


One thought on “Conflict of Perceptions

  1. When I find myself out & about at night, I’m always left feeling that a whole other reality exists – there are night people out there, they are meeting up at coffee bars, studying/working or moving through the city, other worlds that I miss out on when I decide to stay home after a busy day! Thank you, Amitav, your words are a reminder to experience both realities…

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