Reality of Dream

All things invisible during the day become conspicuous by night Night could be the mystical cave where a soul retires to meditate A drop of echo awaken the universe’s folklores to be narrated Distinct voice float around to narrate truth in a privileged time Stories spoken of from distant unknown lands become real Brilliant smile illumine the cosmic world with merriment and hope World draped … Continue reading Reality of Dream


In this feeling of human happiness, there is a trail of indecisive feeling It’s a hasty craftsmanship that sculpts an incoherent crown as a burden Exquisitely crafted to seduce the eyes as suspiciously cut precious stones glitter Compensating for the hollowness and unpleasurable labyrinth of insolence Laurels of this happiness appear lustreless and weigh on the distressed soul Vacant eyes aren’t dazzled by the aggrandized … Continue reading Indecisive

Deciding to Exit

There is a threat to exit the present situation that can culminate to something beyond human consciousness. Is there an available exit to ensure an unhindered passage to freedom? Usually, the doors are imprisoned in the bubble of a sinister spell. Foul incantations trap the tragedies and energise them with magical powers to subdue real feelings. While there is an obsession to experience everything that … Continue reading Deciding to Exit