Deciding to Exit

There is a threat to exit the present situation that can culminate to something beyond human consciousness. Is there an available exit to ensure an unhindered passage to freedom? Usually, the doors are imprisoned in the bubble of a sinister spell. Foul incantations trap the tragedies and energise them with magical powers to subdue real feelings.

While there is an obsession to experience everything that the eyes fancy, the obscure plans are rarely identified by them. It’s unsettling to realise the weaknesses of the senses; considered to be the loyal sentinels. Along with another adversary, Time, the body responds to its guile and coercion to fragile existence. Even the mind starts responding to the overtures of brittle thoughts. Even before they build a legitimate foundation, they become obsolete.

The void and entrenched fragility create an environment of persistent illusion. There is a slim chance to reimagine the hibernating thoughts after battling the mirage of perceptions. Intense resentment and disdain for fellow wayfarers are legitimate in a scenario like this. Feelings become incorporeal beings when two contrasting worlds collide. Present reality pummels the mind into unlikely submission; obsessing over every worldly possession.

It is inevitable that new stories will not emerge from this chaos to lure the senses of future existence. Narratives are weak and do not hold much profoundness to survive a tough journey. One has to visit the abandoned places and territories of cultural ethos to invoke the spirit of storytelling. There is nothing to lose, but everything to gain from this vagabond wandering through silent realms; the last territories to give birth to storytellers.


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