Brief Moments

Succinct conversations under the hurriedness of a day It’s difficult accommodating this change when so many stories remain unheard Distant memories become feeble; also, the language never gets a chance to metamorphose Souls walk away even before a sense of connection begin to develop Sour moments deteriorate the chances of a long-term communication Anxious words nibble at the tranquil feelings; leaving them tattered Yearning for … Continue reading Brief Moments

To the Verses

Charming verses call the heart to settle down, far away from busy and unrhythmic conversations Reading them, while asking for clemency through a poetical recitation Motherly emotions taking care of a soul who wishes to seek answers in this recess There is succour in allowing the rhythmical echoes to lead toward an unknown experience So many answers will be revealed; preparing the ears to pay … Continue reading To the Verses