These Reflections

Frail reflections linger for too long to influence the dilemma Weary thoughts wish to survive the pale moments  Little by little it edges past the probing questions and their sharpness Looking for that elusive shade not hued in dubious colours Keep looking for the virtuous mirror to reflect on lost opportunities More defined contours and clarity of reflections  Wishing for them to speak patiently and … Continue reading These Reflections

Unfamiliar Day

The day’s wrapped up in unfamiliar thoughts There’s not enough freedom to manoeuvre and seek the scattered feelings Some strange whispers from the dark foliage; echoes of unheard voices Little inclination to branch out and reach for this moment Lunar mood still prevails across the slumberous day The little spark within fails to brighten the unlit contours Wishing for a powerful charm of the universe … Continue reading Unfamiliar Day