Incoherent Principles

The passionate speeches are somehow discriminating the real sentiments. It seems superficiality is a concerted effort of dubious minds to propagate new ideologies. There is a new sense of satisfaction and delight in twirling the ideas into an interlaced design of a contrary language.

They do not sound extreme for being well-disguised with entertaining episodes to excite the minds. It’s a voyeuristic scrutiny of minds and most intimate thoughts. Here, the principles of individuality and freedom of expression are erased with unreasonable tact.

It is a design to highlight the trivial in the most adulatory way possible to degrade reason and common sense. They appear meaty for a while but there is not much to deliberate upon. The speeches are distanced and create an illusion of communication. Some foreign ideas are seeded into the subconscious mind with alacrity. It’s rare not to be acquainted with them in the long run.

While maintaining a considerable distance, there is an effort to manipulate the intimate desires. It’s a sinister dream packaged in vibrant colours to entice minds. It’s so common to set aside the real dreams to adopt those dreams which potentially unsettle the rhythm of life.

What are we engaging with? The conversations are fictitious and are strangers settled in the mind without permission. Subconsciously we tend to rely on them while surrendering the intimate desires. A speech can make the mind subservient to such impeding ideologies.

While we discuss freedom and individuality at length, there is that squeamish feeling while looking at the mirror. There seems to be a strong dose of lies transforming the reflections into a hallucinating and surreal reality.

Every night dreams are interrupted by unanswered questions and lingering dilemmas. What is the point of staying awake at the behest of unknown commands? Flattery and more sincere efforts to disguise the reality that should have been, but aren’t allowed anywhere near the boundaries of the heart. How successfully the sinister ideas have constructed a formidable wall.

Have conversations become a business? If that is not so, it’s also a reality that opposing philosophies are promoted vehemently. The principle of boisterousness drowns sanity. It is the new realisation of opposing the flow of thoughts with coarse barriers.


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