Not happy with the narrative

There is propensity to trivialize

Epic moments can be silent

None of the usual heroics

Daily struggles and their memoirs

Adding pages after pages

Chronicles of a life struggling

With the parallel narrations

Derailing the continuity

Thoughts come to a halt

Silence and unsure times

Increases the pace of heartbeat

The World waits for a decision

Seeking hurried compensation

For the delay with arrhythmic lines

Those frivolous accusations

Shouting with conviction

Blaming for being slow

It’s scandalous to not conform

Meanwhile, the pages are filled

With melancholic ink

Shaping the fate of an epic

The world is oblivious

Of the immense emptiness

No one can compensate

By returning the original feelings

It’s not natural to think of eternity

Immortal can be the words

Narrated in unknown voices

Enthroned sentiments

Reverberating the struggles


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