If it is you, or maybe you, in someone else’s perception of you trying to be yourself without much appreciation from the inner self. I will address that you, the reflection which I seek beyond those unnecessary layers trying to hide the reality of you. That you may have been ostracised for no fault; the only fault may have accumulated on you, as a burden. Only if the burden of this world would have lessened a bit, but that’s not going to happen when there are innovative ways to wrap you in more woes. You have eyes clothed in colorful lies and you can perceive only as much to prove yourself while the insinuating languages gather with ultra-simulated catechisms. The relationship between you and yourself is sacrosanct and it has to be protected from such sinister intentions. It is time to awaken and free yourself from an exiled state of existence to face ignorance and insanity sternly. 



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